Cafe Escapes

We got a Keurig this past October, and I just adore it.  I especially like the Cafe Escapes k-cups for it.  I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but I love mocha and caramel drinks.  So Cafe Escapes are perfect for me.

I’ve been drinking Cafe Mocha for a while now, but thanks to BzzAgent, I recently got to try all their delicious flavors!  The Cafe Mocha is still one of my favorites, but I love the Cafe Caramel also – it’s so smooth and creamy, and the flavor is really buttery and delicious.  It’s great for a morning wake-up or a mid afternoon treat.

Best part – they’re only 60 calories each, so you can enjoy them without blowing your diet (which I can’t say about starbucks!).  Also handy, there is some caffeine in the coffee flavors, but not much – way less than a cup of coffee, so you can drink them at night and still sleep!

One of these days I’m going to make a cafe caramel and a cafe mocha together in a really big cup, because I think the flavors would go really well together!  First I need to find a bigger mug…

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