You know what ticks me off about toy manufacturers these days?  Everything is way too skewed to the girl side.  Boys get one choice, girls get many.  Take for example, this message from leapfrog that showed up on my facebook feed today:



So leapfrog now has Hello Kitty cases.  Which is fine.  But you know what boys get for their LeapPads?  A plain green case.  Girls can use the green case, or they can get a purple case with polka dots, or a fashion handbag, or, now, a hello kitty case.  Why can’t boys get some choices?  Would it kill them to offer a Batman case?  Heck, even some other choices besides plain green?

Even with the LeapPad, they’ve got a green one, which can be used by boys or girls, and a pink one.  And, yes, boys could use a pink one too, but society has so trained them that “pink is for girls” that most of them won’t (Daniel refuses to use anything pink, telling me “it’s a girl color”).  Would it kill Leapfrog (and fisher price, and hasbro and all the other toy manufacturers that feel they have to have a line of pink toys which are identical to other toys they make, except in color) to only have ONE?  Can’t boys and girls use the same toys?

Besides what it says about society, that girls can only play with pink toys, it’s just not fair to little boys.  Girls get a slew of choices, boys get one.  And don’t even get me started on clothing choices for boys…

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