Reality Bites

Today as I was driving to preschool pick up, I was listening to Tell Me More on NPR and they were talking about reality tv, and how unreal it is.  Which got me thinking – what if they made a real reality tv show about real SAHMs?

Today’s episode would feature: a 2 hour delay for an inch of snow, spending 30 minutes bundling the kids up so they could play outside for 20, finally getting one kid on the bus, then driving the other to his morning playdate.  That was followed by a thrilling stop at the gas station, and a trip to target.  It’s valentine shopping season, so a good portion of the trip was spent picking out the perfect valentines (Batman and Angry Birds) for the kids to give at school, as well as finding some small goodies for me to give them for valentine’s day.  I also bought napkins and air filters for the heat pump.  I know, the excitement is unbelievable.

After that, I went to the library to pick up not one, not two, but three books on hold!  Amazing!

Then, I went home, heated up a frozen entree for lunch, and watched tv from the DVR.  Put away the stuff from my errands, and then went back into the cold to pick up the kiddo from preschool.

There’s a good reason why normal, everyday SAHMs aren’t on reality tv, and why reality tv isn’t reality.  Reality is boring, interspersed with insanely cute moments that no one who doesn’t know your kids would care about.

But stay tuned for next week, where we refinance our mortgage and I have 2 parent info sessions at the elementary school!

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